GLAM BOOK: A Beginner's Guide to Makeup

GLAM BOOK: A Beginner's Guide to Makeup

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 I curated my GLAM BOOK to help anyone who may want to know the REAL secrets of doing Makeup.

When I first started doing makeup I didn't have a guide to help me and I made many mistakes.

I would have  flash-back in my pictures which I later learned it was because my foundation was not my skin tone, and then much later learned  that my foundation was over all too light.

I struggled with learning why my makeup didn't last all day and would crease under my eyes.

I got tired of being on set of a commercial shoot and the makeup artist not having my shade because they didn't do "girls my color often" and having to sit in the makeup chair helpless.

Ive poured into this book the journey I personally have with makeup so someone out there will not have to go through what I've been through. 




In my Glam book I share my secrets and tips to understanding your undertone/skin tone which will make finding your foundation shade a breeze!

I share how to master your eye brow shade so you can feel even more confident when you fill them in.

I show you how to properly  highlight and contoured with actual pictures and guides!

I even break down the right brushes to use for each step of creating a flawless face.

Ever wonder what the purpose of primer was, setting powder, foundation?
Look no further the answer is just a click away!

The Glam Book can be gifted to friends, family, co-workers who may want to dive into the world of beauty!



(This is a Ebook and can be printed out! Following your purchase you will receive an email with steps to obtaining your GLAM BOOK)